Gunda - the movie

A Sant & Usant production

In the vastness of the living world, we share our planet with billions of farm animals. However, in industrialized societies we are conditioned to ignore the sentience of these animals, often regarded as a passive resource.

Anita Rehoff Larsen
Joslyn Barnes
Victor Kossakovsky
Executive producer
Joaquin Phoenix
Executive producer
Tone Grøttjord-Glenne
Directors of photography
Egil Håskjold Larsen & Victor Kossakovsky
Alexandr Dudarev

GUNDA is a mesmerizing perspective on sentience within animal species, normally - and perhaps purposely - hidden from our view.

Joaquin Phoenix, Executive Producer

Where his prior film AQUARELA was a reminder of the fragility of human tenure on earth, in GUNDA, master filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky offers a radically recalibrated moral universe, where encounters with a mother sow (the eponymous Gunda), two ingenious cows, and a scene-stealing, one-legged chicken, remind us of the inherent value of life for all beings.

By returning a pig's gaze, listening to a cow's gentle lowing, or observing a chicken find its wings, Kossakovsky voids any pretension that we are unique in our capacity for emotion, consciousness or will. Immersed in these animals’ lives, lived to the full in joy and pain, it becomes inescapable that humankind must swiftly undertake the major changes necessary to end mass exploitation of our fellow creatures. GUNDA is Kossakovsky’s deeply personal attempt to renew our vision of life and meditate on the mystery of all animal consciousness, including our own.

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